While reading the testimonies below, keep in mind that most of our advertisers are repeat advertisers.

Why? Because it works of course! It really is just that simple.

“We sold $20,000.00 worth of LORA (Locally Owned Restaurant Association) Gift Certificates last year in approximately 60 days. At least 95% of those sales came from Frugals. Customer brought the book, a coupon or a copy of the coupon when they purchased the gift certificates. The Frugals people are easy to work with and do an excellent job.”

LORA, Salisbury, MD

“Absolutely wonderful! We love Frugals. Lots of folks are clippin’ their coupons and visiting us. Thank you.”

Frontier Town, Berlin, MD

“Our decision to advertise in Frugals has been our best advertising decision. We reach a large audience for a very manageable advertising budget. We take in about 10 coupons per day which is about 300 coupons monthly or 900 coupons quarterly. We have some customers that come in every day to use their frugals coupon! I also like frugals expansion of their distribution area. There is always an opportunity to attract new customers -- all of the time.”

Subway, Pocomoke & Crisfield, MD

"As the producer of The Chincoteague Blueberry Festival, I need to make my advertising dollars work very hard and produce results. Tight budgets and a uncooperative economy demand a strong return on my investment and I require that all of my ads be trackable. Frugals, with it's combination of eye-catching graphics, wide local distribution, and 'must keep' coupons make it one of the most powerful tools in my marketing toolbox."

Samantics Marketing, Hallwood, VA

“We have been advertising with Frugals for the past five years. Frugals has been one of our most successful advertising tools. Lisa is great to work with and always designs a wonderful looking ad. We were offered a cover design for the Winter issue and jumped on it. We have received so much positive feedback and tons of coupons have been redeemed. With the economy as it is our advertising dollars have to be spent where we think they will reach the most people for the best price. We will continue to advertise with Frugals because of the success we have received from our ads.”

H&H Furniture, Pocomoke, MD

"This is just a short note to thank you for providing the local business community with probably the most effective advertising on a local level.  The cost of your advertising is very fair considering the excellent results we get.  My customers actually come in and ask me if "Domino's is going to be in the Frugals this time?".   

In the last quarter, your coupon book has drawn about 213 new customers in my store who otherwise would have gone elsewhere for their pizza needs.  In the current economic climate getting people to spend money is more difficult than in past years, however, your service makes it a lot easier.  The bundling of pricing is also a great way for me to get my advertising for less.   

In this day of electronic media, we have developed sales tactics using the internet.  The electronic coupons you send out via email are also an outstanding addition to the print material.  I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with you.  By the way, I too go and pick up my Frugals book as well since there are so many good deals in there.  Thanks again.”

Team Grieg Enterprises LLC (Domino's Pizza)

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