Distribution: 212,000+ copies annually


Fifty-five thousand (55,000) or more copies of the Frugals magazines are distributed throughout the quarter from Seaford, DE to Cape Charles, VA. That’s more than 212,000 copies annually! Consumers find our books in major grocery stores, many convenience stores and hundreds of other ‘hot’ spots shore wide. Your coupon or advertisement will be seen by thousands and thousands of local consumers.


Frugals, A Multi-Media Program     

WEBSITE: And we’re much more than just a printed book. This website receives on average more than 291,000 hits monthly (873,000 quarterly) from local consumers printing out their own coupons, linking to our advertisers’ sites, and keeping current with local events and entertainment offerings.

EMAIL MARKETING: Our coupons are also emailed weekly to thousands of local consumers. Through our eCoupons email blasts, consumers can link to our advertisers’ sites, print out our coupons, read about our advertisers’ products and services, review a side bar listing of local events and happenings, and forward coupons of interest to family and friends.


SOCIAL MEDIA: Consumers also receive our daily postings of your coupon or advertisement on one or more of our four  Facebook pages and Pinterest. Our program includes group postings and cross postings for maximum exposure to local consumers. Check it out at:

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